***; M.C. REN; "Shock of the Hour"; Ruthless/Relativity

Now that N.W.A. has shattered into its constituent parts and all four key original members have released albums in the last month or so--kind of like KISS did, but posthumously, and without the clown makeup--the new one from M.C. Ren is the obscurest but by no means the least of them, the "Ace Frehley" of the bunch. "Shock of the Hour" is a small, ugly masterpiece of gangsta rap.

On the densely produced album, Ren hews close to the basic form of the genre laid down on the second N.W.A. album: slow, deliberate beats, pregnant with echo; hard, minimal, minor-key bass lines; and the basic gangsta-rap assertion--don't slip up, fool, or I'll shoot you in the head--repeated into infinity. Ren's deep-voiced, brutal rhyming is as menacing, as portentous of violence, as anything a horror-film director ever set up.

But "Shock of the Hour" also embodies pretty much everything that the mainstream hated about N.W.A.--villainy, vulgarity, over-the-top misogyny--with little of the casual pleasure afforded by, say, Dr. Dre's "G Thang." If you weren't persuaded by N.W.A.'s "Efil4zaggin," chances are you'd really hate this record.

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