The Richest Countries

Switzerland is the world’s richest country in terms of per-capita income, and the United States has moved up a notch to the eighth-richest, the World Bank said in its annual atlas of global statistics.

Scandinavians are among the richest people in the world, with Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland all in the Top 10. Mozambique remained the world’s poorest economy, with its per-capita gross national product income dropping 25% in 1992 to $60. Eight of the 10 poorest countries were in Africa, and the other two were in Asia.

GNP is the value of the total goods and services produced by an economy. The atlas, produced annually for 26 years, tracks 207 economies around the world and includes information about their populations and environments.

The Top 10


1. Switzerland: $36,230

2. Luxembourg: $35,260

3. Japan: $28,220

4. Sweden: $26,780


5. Denmark: $25,930

6. Norway: $25,800

7. Iceland: $23,670

8. United States: $23,120

9. Germany: $23,030

10. Finland: $22,980

Sources: Associated Press, Reuters