Daytime’s finest have high hopes and plenty of resolutions for this year.

Heather Tom, who plays Victoria Newman on “The Young and the Restless,” wants “to get everything together in my life so I can start school (UCLA pre-law) with a fresh mind. I’m also going to start voice lessons and resume dance classes. Basically, I just plan to hone my craft and explore other facets of it.”

Veronica Redd-Forrest (who plays Mamie Johnson on “The Young and the Restless”) is determined to be a happier person. “Even though I have a wonderful life, I have a tendency sometimes to worry a lot. But I’m going to stop doing that and appreciate what I have.”

Brenda Epperson (who plays Ashley Abbott on “The Young and the Restless”) has plans galore for ’94. “First of all, I want to be more committed to my New Year’s resolutions than I have been in the past,” she says, laughing. “Actually, I want to become more organized, get into a more regimented exercise program, learn how to play the piano, make another film and get my record album out.”

Marcy Walker (who plays Tangie Hill on “Guiding Light”) plans “to slow down and appreciate things more. But it’s not really a resolution, it’s more of a promise. Promises are pacts, which are attainable. Resolutions, people never seem to attain.”


Jeff Trachta (who plays Thorne Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful”) vows: “I’m going to make sure I live every day to the fullest, like it’s my last day. Life is very short, so you’d better enjoy it while it’s here.”

Anna Lee (who plays matriarch Lila Quartermaine on “General Hospital”) says that she’ll complete a project she’s had on her agenda for years. “I’m definitely going to write my autobiography,” she says. “I’ve been talking about this for so long, but it’s been so difficult, because I’ve had quite a lot of work on ‘General Hospital,’ and I’ve also had things in my own private life that have needed attention. I’m going to make the time to do it this year.”

Sean Kanan (who plays A.J. Quartermaine, Anna Lee’s on-screen grandson) has a similar goal in mind: “I really want to try to make more time for my writing. I’m currently working on a play that I hope to produce and star in this spring. I’m also writing a lot of material for a stand-up comedy act I’m developing.” Kanan’s other goal is “not to procrastinate.”

Steve Burton (who plays Jason Quartermaine on “General Hospital”) notes: “I’m going to work as hard as I can to save as much money as possible, so that I can buy my own home this year. I’d like to get one with a guest house for my dad to live in.”

Robert Kelker Kelly (who plays Bo Brady on “Days of Our Lives”) is going to “try to stop smoking--again! Hopefully, it will happen this time,” he says. “I tried last year. I even wore a nicotine patch for a while. I’m going to give that a try again.”

Jason Brooks (Kelker Kelly’s co-star who plays Peter Blake) jokes: “I’m going to continue what I’ve been doing--washing the producers’ cars.” Then, on a serious note, he adds: “The only thing I would like to concentrate on is to get my work up to a level that’s acceptable to me. I’m not at that point yet, but I’m going to get there.”