The Player

Regarding “Managing in Turbulent Times,” Claudia Eller’s profile of entertainment manager Sandy Gallin (Jan. 16):

According to Gallin, we, the society, are suffering from sexual phobias and client Michael Jackson’s relationship with children is the norm. Thank you, Sandy, for clearing up that misconception. This, from the man who brought us Milli Vanilli.

This man doesn’t keep a low profile to maintain his dignity--it’s called don’t bite the gloved hand that feeds! I don’t believe him any further than he can throw a desk at a secretary. If Gallin thinks this story was supposed to be in defense of his client, I think Jackson better go shopping for another personal manager.

This is more than a client-manager relationship--it is a bizarre bond shared by two self-absorbed people (who just want to be loved) with a penchant for plastic surgery.





Please spare us these greedy, overpaid, morally repugnant entertainment types.


In one paragraph, Gallin gushes: “I would love if a little birdie would fly into my window with several hundred million dollars.”

He is already worth $30 million, and his prize possession is a $13-million beach house.

Five paragraphs later he tells us:

“As I’ve become more secure in myself, more spiritual (emphasis added), I need less of the outside accouterments to make me feel accomplished.”

Oh, really?


Los Angeles