Ex-Rep. Swindall Begins Serving 1-Year Sentence

From Associated Press

Former U.S. Rep. Pat Swindall started serving a one-year prison term Friday for lying to a federal grand jury about his involvement in a money-laundering scheme.

Swindall, 43, reported to the minimum-security federal prison camp in Atlanta. He was accused of lying to a federal grand jury in February, 1988, about his dealings with convicted money launderer Charles LeChasney and an undercover federal agent running a money-laundering sting.

The Georgia Republican was seeking $850,000 to build a home. He accepted a $150,000 check from LeChasney in September, 1987, but returned it uncashed.


Swindall was convicted of nine counts of perjury in June, 1989, but remained free on bond for nearly five years while appealing. His convictions on three counts were overturned, but the U.S. Supreme Court in January refused to overturn the other six.

Swindall asked an appeals court to let him stay out of prison while pursuing a new appeal, but the court refused.