Hey, Ace, Homophobia’s Not So Funny!

In “More Giggles Than Groans in ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective’ ” (Feb. 4), Chris Willman asks who could resist Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura. I know I sure can.

I don’t laugh at characters that behave as though homosexuality is revolting and subhuman. There are at least four such “jokes,” including one montage where Ventura discovers that he has kissed another guy and runs into a shower to cleanse himself. Ha, ha, hmmm.

How unfortunate that even with Hollywood’s recent strides toward gay tolerance, it still spits out such insulting, insecure “entertainment.”


Los Feliz

Carrey is a very talented comedian, which makes his choice of homophobia as a comedic element of Ace Ventura so tragic. Carrey says Ace’s reaction to having kissed a man “is so ridiculous it can’t be taken seriously” (“It’s Zany and Aces With Fans,” Feb. 18). Guess again. The clear message that comes across is that to be “cool” like Ace includes despising anything remotely homosexual, an attitude that leads to discrimination and condones physical violence against gays.

Consider the message you put out, Mr. Carrey. Whatever your intentions may have been, we gays have Hollywood and you to thank for yet another message of hate insidiously buried in an otherwise delightful movie. What a waste, what a shame.



Los Angeles