Comments by Sybert Seem Hypocritical

* After his Feb. 15 announcement that he is running for the 24th Congressional District seat, candidate Richard Sybert went right on the attack, saying, “Tony Beilenson is a Westside liberal--he’s not from the Valley.” He indicated that candidate Bob Hammer is not fit for congressional office because he has not voted in every election.

Now, I certainly don’t defend Mr. Beilenson’s liberal voting pattern and elitist attitude. But excuse me, Mr. Sybert, if I find your criticism of Beilenson a bit hypocritical. Are you from the Valley? And how many times have you voted in the 24th District?

We don’t need this type of mudslinger in our nation’s highest legislative body. We need someone who will focus on the issues. I suggest to all of you in the 24th District who agree that Rep. Beilenson is too liberal and too elitist: Look closely at Messrs. Benhard, Hammer and any others who show up.



Oak Park