Mass Transit Story Is on the Right Track

Re “The Rules of the Road” (Jan. 31): I was pleased to read the article with tips on riding the bus. Having ridden with Metropolitan Transportation Authority for 10 years, I would like to add the following:

1. If you are next to someone who is having an animated conversation with himself, this is OK. It is only when they stop having that conversation and start talking to you that the problems begin. So, just ignore it and enjoy the ride.

2. If the bus or train is packed and it is obvious you have no choice but to step on a few toes, always excuse yourself. The one time that you don’t might be the time you wish that you had.

3. For those times you are about to die from someone’s body odor, do what I do. I keep a sample vial of cologne in my purse and take a whiff every time I’m near the point of passing out.


4. Please don’t stand in the front, blocking the way for oncoming passengers. The people in the back are also from planet Earth and do not bite. You might even find a seat back there.

5. And finally, you veterans, help those who are MTA challenged. Don’t leave them standing at the back exit staring at the “PUSH HANDLE TO OPEN DOOR” sign, waiting for the doors to open by themselves. Push it for them or tell them.

So, now that we’re all informed, let’s go out and play nice on the MTA.