PLATFORM : Respect for the Law


Good citizens are now behind bars . . . on the windows of their homes. Parents forbid their children to play in the local park. Recently I read a newspaper account of some 11-year-old children writing wills to their parents, telling them what clothes they wished to be buried in.

Collectively, we are faced with a challenge. How we choose to respond will either restore the safety and security of our streets and homes, or ensure the relinquishment of our freedom to the scourge of crime and the will of the outlaw.

We must make it resoundingly clear to those who choose to disregard the rule of law necessary for a prosperous and secure society that any anti-social behavior will be met swiftly and severely. Respect for law enforcement is at tragically low levels. Sadly, many cities have tolerated the gradual development of a hate-a-cop culture. Support for these last barriers between the citizenry and anarchy must begin with elected officials and civic leaders in every town.