YORBA LINDA : Endowment Fund Helps Defray Costs

The city has established an endowment fund to defray maintenance costs for the new Community Center and to purchase additional equipment for the facility.

The first donation will come from the county, which pledged $10,000 to the city at the grand opening of the $6-million building on Feb. 12.

“Let’s use that (donation) to start the endowment fund,” said Councilman Henry W. Wedaa at a City Council meeting this week.

The pledge came from Supervisor Gaddi H. Vasquez, and although the county has not yet delivered the check, the council has already designated how the money will be spent.


“I’ve been told there is no facility in or around Yorba Linda suitable for recital performances by pianists,” said Councilman Daniel T. Welch, who proposed that the first expenditure from the endowment be a baby grand piano.

Although the center has several rooms that can be used for dance and music recitals, the building does not have a piano. The rest of the council supported Welch’s suggestion.

The endowment fund will operate similarly to the city’s Library Gift Fund, which is used to buy artwork, exhibits and other materials.

People who donate $100 or more to the library fund will have their name engraved on a wall plaque at the library, and those who contribute to the community center will be recognized in a similar manner.