OJAI : Foes of Radar Tower Seek to Halt Judgment

A group of Ojai residents intent on moving a 98-foot radar tower from atop Sulphur Mountain said Monday that they have filed papers urging a federal judge not to issue a summary judgment in their case against the National Weather Service.

Actor Larry Hagman, resident David Hedman and the Environmental Coalition of Ojai sued the government in early January, claiming that it had not done adequate health studies before erecting the weather-tracking station on Sulphur Mountain.

But a federal judge in January refused to grant an injunction to stop the project, and the U. S. attorney’s office subsequently filed a motion urging Judge Terry J. Hatter Jr. to issue a summary judgment in the government’s favor.

Enclosed in the motion opposing summary judgment are declarations from Ventura County Supervisors Maggie Kildee and Susan K. Lacey, who said the Weather Service misled them when it notified the county about the tower.


But Assistant U. S. Atty. Donna Everett said the supervisors’ declarations are “not relevant to this case.”

A hearing is scheduled April 4 in federal court to hear arguments for and against the summary judgment.