New-Time Radio

Regarding "Is It Theater? Is It Radio? Does It Matter?" by Sean Mitchell (March 6).

Apparently Mitchell is unaware of yet another radio drama production--second and fourth Sundays every month at 2:30 p.m. on KCSN-FM (88.5). As one of the founders (and announcer and sometimes actor) of "30 Minutes to Curtain," I'm proud to say we have been doing new radio with very talented actors, writers and directors since August, 1983.

"30 Minutes" has produced such classics as "Oedipus," Norman Corwin's "Plot to Overthrow Christmas," Steve Allen's "Meeting of Minds," a new "Sherlock Holmes" series and more, including new romance, science fiction, Western and mystery stories--all done on a volunteer, no-grant basis.

As host-producer of "The Old-Time Radio Show," I'm also very interested in the future of new-time radio, and very honored to be a part of "30 Minutes to Curtain."


South Pasadena

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