Holy White Knuckles, Batman! : Coaster Re-Creates Gotham

Associated Press

Holy white knuckler! There's a new roller coaster--Batman the Ride.

Based on the two "Batman" movies, the two-minute ride is enough to make even the Caped Crusader queasy.

Riders at Six Flags Magic Mountain are strapped in from above, with their feet dangling, and taken on a dizzying, 2,700-foot journey at speeds up to 50 m.p.h. Five times during the ride, they're flipped upside-down and hurtled through loops and corkscrews.

The ride is the centerpiece of a 6.2-acre re-creation of Gotham City, and marks the first time the park has designed a complete movie theme area.

The new coaster, one of eight in the park, opened Saturday, Batman the Ride also can be found at Six Flags parks in Chicago and New Jersey, but without the surrounding Gotham City.

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