Revised Project Will Change Calabasas Forever

* I recently moved to Calabasas because of its uniqueness. I moved from the San Fernando Valley because of what "progress" had brought with it--gangs, crime, graffiti, traffic, pollution and unsafe communities.

It distresses me to learn of the proposal by Kilroy/Abrahamson to revise the Calabasas Park Centre project, because the development will change forever the unique character of Calabasas.

I was under the impression that Calabasas became a city so that it could control its own destiny. We can learn from the mistakes of the neighboring communities, mistakes that resulted from excessive and inappropriate development.

I live in the Oak Park Condominiums on Park Granada. Our complex is adjacent to Calabasas Park Centre. We are not a guarded community, and we do not have security parking facilities. We will be among the most affected by the additional traffic generated by the project as approved. The revised project will have more of an impact. And what about the increased potential for crime in the complex where I live?

We need to consider the potential consequences of such development. Is the projected extra income that will accrue to the city as a result of the additional retail space planned worth the potential damage that will result to our way of life? There will be no turning back if this is approved.



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