Kate Squires

* Thank you for your article on Kate Squires' "long-shot Senate bid" (April 4). Please continue to do articles on little-known candidates, including those of smaller parties such as the Libertarians and the Greens. There are thousands of voters out here, like myself, who want to know more about our choices.


Los Angeles

* Republican senatorial candidate Kate Squires deserves equal time regardless of daily poll results.

We are subjects of a two-headed monster whose best friend (aside from military and paramilitary forces) is the mass-entertainment media. Everyone I know perceives it that way.

The evolution of information-age commerce can help, if the sorting-screen mechanism is at the user's end, controlled by the user. Otherwise the Kate Squireses will be electronically labeled "uninteresting," and omitted.

Except for presidential primary elections, circumstances should permit us to dispense with political parties.



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