Pop Singer Kenny Loggins Returns to ‘Pooh Corner’ : Families: His latest album of tunes for children will kick off a Sony series. Nicolette Larson and Tom Chapin also have works due out on the Family Artist series.


Boomers, take note. The music of your angry adolescence is now music to your preschooler’s ears: Pop superstar Kenny Loggins--who just happens to have four kids, including an 8-month-old--is one of many icons of the rock era to make a foray into family music. His latest album, “Return to Pooh Corner,” kicks off Sony Wonder’s new Family Artists Series on May 10.

So, while parents relive their youth, their children can nod off to “St. Judy’s Comet,” Loggins’ “Cody’s Song,” a reworked version of the Loggins and Messina hit “House on Pooh Corner” and other familiar, easy-listening lullaby-soft tunes, delivered with flowing acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment and Loggins’ remarkably youthful, breathy vocals.

The Loggins album will be followed on May 24 by pop-country star Nicolette Larson’s “Sleep, Baby Sleep,” more soft, go-to-sleep songs with a folky feel. Lilting highlights are “Appalachian Lullaby,” “Irish Lullaby” and “I Bid You Goodnight.”

The multitalented actor/folk singer/veteran children’s artist Tom Chapin offers a change of pace with “Zag Zig,” an upbeat giggle of an album, also due out on May 24. Chapin’s energy, assured phrasings and fatherly familiarity with the concerns of childhood infuse such selections as “Mikey Won’t Say He’s Sorry,” “Hi Hi I Love Ya” and “Backwards Birthday Party.”


The albums are priced at $9.98 for a cassette and $13.98 for a compact disc and will be available at most major record stores.

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