SEAL BEACH : Seal Beach Sand-Replenishment Program Delayed

A long-awaited sand-replenishment program aimed at strengthening the city’s eroded coastline has been delayed by several weeks and will probably begin in early May, officials said this week.

The city plans to dump up to 150,000 cubic yards of sand from a Santa Ana River flood-control project onto a narrow beach between Seal Beach Pier and Anaheim Bay.

Officials stressed that the project remains on track. The delay was caused because a contractor working on the flood-control project had a prior obligation to deliver sand to a concrete manufacturer. That delivery must be completed before sand can be trucked into Seal Beach, Mayor Gwen Forsythe said.

“All indicators still look good,” she said. “We are just trying to satisfy all the hurdles.”


The city still needs approval from the Army Corps of Engineers for the sand-replenishment program. The California Coastal Commission and the Department of Fish and Game have already approved it.

The city will spend as much as $500,000 on the project. Most of that money will go to transport the sand from the Santa Ana River to Seal Beach, which is expected to take several days.