Candidate Disputes Status of 'Front-Runners'

You proclaim Bill Mabie and Antonio Villaraigosa to be front-runners in the primary race ("Election's Bitter Roots Run Deep," April 3). Perhaps their connections to the "political machine" in this part of Los Angeles warrants this labeling. A poll of voters in the district, however, will more likely reveal these men to be the unknown candidates that they are.

It appears you also used the amounts of money these candidates have raised to support their standing as front-runners. Personally, I find Mr. Villaraigosa's belief that he needs to raise another $245,000 to win this election absurd.

The idea that representation can be bought and that a candidate must be endorsed by the machine is exactly what is wrong with our political system today. Your decision to only cover Mr. Mabie and Mr. Villaraigosa in your article is an example of how bias by the media only helps to support the machine politicians. This bias locks out independent men and women who, like myself, have a desire to be the voice of the community and reform the system.

I am an independent candidate who wishes only to be the voice of this community. We will run a grass-roots campaign which will speak directly to the people. All of my campaign funds have been raised locally from independent businessmen and businesswomen as well as from concerned citizens of the 45th Assembly District. All of my flyers, posters and road signs have been donated by local businesses.

My voice is the voice of the community. I want to be heard. I invite you to follow my campaign and watch for yourself what can be accomplished with people and not money.



45th Assembly District

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