Bolsa Chica Project Has No Permits

* It is important to set the record straight. An article (“Agency Stands Fast on Bolsa Chica OK,” April 19), reports that the “California Coastal Commission has decided not to rescind its permission for the Koll Real Estate Group to build 4,286 homes around Bolsa Chica.”

The Coastal Commission did not make such a ruling. The Commission simply declined to revoke a permit to demolish two World War II bunkers. In fact, the Coastal Commission has been highly critical of Koll’s plans to build 4,884 housing units on the Bolsa Chica.

Koll has no permits from the Coastal Commission, the County of Orange, the Army Corps of Engineers, or any other agency to build anything on Bolsa Chica.

I hope this will help clear up any misunderstanding.



Huntington Beach