VENTURA : Man Shot in Foot Outside Apartment

A Ventura man was shot in the foot shortly before 3 a.m. Saturday after getting in a fight outside an apartment building at 11 E. Simpson St., Ventura police officers said.

Steve Padilla, 38, was fighting with an unidentified man when two other men came out of the apartment building, officers said. One of them began shooting at Padilla, who suffered a gunshot wound to the foot.

Padilla fled the area.

About an hour later, Ventura police were notified of a gunshot victim at Ventura County Medical Center. Officers interviewed Padilla at the hospital but said he was unable to provide much information about his assailants.


Padilla was treated at Ventura County Medical Center and later released, a nursing supervisor said.

Ventura police officers recovered nine spent .22-caliber shell casings at the shooting scene.