South Africa

* I used to think that I was terribly deprived because I was not in that tavern having an ale when Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe would stop in and discuss our business.

Now I find myself doubly blessed to have met and witnessed South African leader Nelson Mandela, and the birth of another great new nation. We are with you, President Mandela!


Twin Peaks


* As a child growing up in South Africa of the 1960s I used to dream of living in a “magical” place far from the senseless violence and madness, and far less dusty. Ironically, I now live on a smog-infested, dusty piece of reclaimed desert surrounded by mounting violence and madness--right down the road from the Magic Kingdom--and I watch “magic” events unfolding on TV in the land of my birth.

Almost unbelievably, a handful of extremely courageous people have achieved the impossible in negotiating a peaceful revolution, and with minimum bloodshed, against all odds. Obviously even one life lost to violence is one too many; nevertheless given the potential powder keg that more than 40 million South Africans have been sitting atop for the last 40 years, it is amazing that a democratic election took place, rather than a bloody civil war, and it is even more amazing that leadership was able to prevent a military or police force coup.

Clearly Nelson Mandela and Frederik W. de Klerk have earned their Nobel prizes--and a unique place in world history. More power to the nation as it now rebuilds and prepares for its destiny as the engine that will propel the sub-Saharan African region into the 21st Century.



Los Angeles