Oxnard Radisson Hotel Faces Bank Foreclosure

Oxnard's Radisson Suite Hotel, where the Los Angeles Raiders stay during their annual summer camp, reportedly is faced with bank foreclosure.

The hotel's owner, Ventura-based Westland Co., is in default on $18.8 million in loans and interest payments owed Manufacturers Bank, according to Oxnard city officials.

The bank isn't commenting, but Alan Holmberg, a lawyer representing the city, says the final deadline for payment has passed. In addition, the hotel's owner reportedly is behind in its payments on a $9-million bond the city issued to build the facility in the mid-1980s.

Glenn Hartman, Westland's general partner, did not return a phone call for comment.

The 250-room hotel at the River Ridge Golf Course probably will remain open even if the bank loan is foreclosed, officials said.

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