Schools: San Gabriel, Alhambra District Battle

As a 29-year subscriber to the Los Angeles Times, I was appalled and disappointed to read in the San Gabriel Valley section your headline stating "Election Creating School District Is Invalidated" (March 24).

Your headline is especially offensive in that it creates a grossly inaccurate impression that some sort of final conclusion, adverse to San Gabriel Unified School District (SGUSD), has been reached. Unfortunately, many people only scan headlines--the juicier the better--without reading the article's contents.

In the lawsuit being heard by Superior Court Judge Diane Wayne, Alhambra School District is desperately attempting to kill San Gabriel Unified District. SGUSD is now responsible for its own high school students. Alhambra wants to force SGUSD students back into Alhambra's San Gabriel High School, which with 3,300 students is vastly overcrowded, as are Alhambra's other two high schools. Many people in our area are unaware that despite its name, San Gabriel High School is owned, operated and controlled by Alhambra School District, and is located within the city of Alhambra.

Like a great white shark, Alhambra is trying to keep their power dominant and complete. It is outrageous that the huge Alhambra School District, whose three existing high schools are bursting at the seams with student overpopulation, should be so greedy.


San Gabriel

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