Viva the King

Watching Elvis trying to swoon Ann-Margret poolside proved inspiring for designer Luis Pulido. No, he didn’t run out to Vegas, or even pick up a guitar. But the mind behind Gypsys & Thieves did come up with a version of his own. The terry cloth top (below), detailed in black or brown, is dubbed the Elvis Pool shirt ($56). Just care for it like a regular towel. “They laugh at first,” says Pulido about store buyers, “but the more progressive stores pick it up.”

Sweater Boys

If it looks like Granddad’s lucky sweater, the one he wore to golf, then it’s got that “chill, no-hype look” that the post hip-hop crowd is after, according to Mike Pringle, designer for streetwear line Greed. Pringle and partner Grant Lau put together their fave elements--a cotton ribbed front panel on a wool sweater, lined in silky-smooth gold rayon--in rich colors like black, burgundy, navy, forest green and brown ($77). “It runs parallel to music--with the acid jazz sentiment,” notes Pringle. Pair it perfectly with modish slim pants.

Flaunting Necessities


Next to underwear, the item turned to most in any woman’s wardrobe has to be the little black dress. Which is why Laura Weiss and Lily Albaisa of San Diego designed a whole collection of these black basics--long, short, tight and flared. Their debut line, Le Soleil (right), is for the “strong, independent, modern woman who knows her own style,” Weiss says. “We just offer a basic silhouette for her to build on with her own accessories.” Of poly or sueded crepe, the dresses retails at about $80.

Think Don Ho

Whether they’re catering to the middle-aged set, tiny tots or the dudes in between, surfwear companies are going Hawaiian with a full punch. Vintage islander prints are flowering on shirts, shorts and trunks. The hottest appear in sanded shades of red, blue, brown and green.