Getting Started

If you're still thinking about getting involved in buying and selling Levi's, keep in mind:

* Quality is better than quantity. Buy jeans only in good or mint condition. And don't forget to check the fly for missing buttons or broken zippers.

* Bigger is definitely not better. Unless you're buying for yourself, buy only used Levi's with 28- to 36-inch waists and preferably 30- to 36-inch lengths.

* Older is definitely better. Collectors are mostly interested in the indigo-dyed Levi's made before 1971. Generally, the older the piece, the more it's worth.

* Buy brand names. Most collectors want Levi's, but some Lee and Wrangler are also desirable.

* Advertising and promotional items from Levi's, Wrangler and Lee are also collectible. Look for the oversized jeans used for store display, cardboard counter displays, wall signs, advertising banners, magazine ads and other pre-1970 material. Again, the older the better.

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