Singer Is Cleared of Drug Charges : Courts: No counts will be filed against Courtney Love. She had been arrested on suspicion of narcotics possession after she became ill from prescription medication at a Beverly Hills hotel.


Drug charges will not be filed against singer Courtney Love, who was arrested in Beverly Hills on April 7--one day before her rock star husband Kurt Cobain was found dead in Seattle of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"I am delighted that this nightmare is over and I have been cleared of all the charges," said Love in a statement released by her attorney, Barry Tarlow. "I can now get back to concentrating on putting my life together and mourning the loss of my husband. Hopefully, people will give me the time now to care for my daughter, Francis Bean, and to grieve."

The 28-year-old singer, recuperating Wednesday at an undisclosed location with her daughter, had been scheduled to be arraigned today in Beverly Hills Municipal Court on charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of stolen property.

Love was arrested after being rushed to Century City Hospital at the insistence of police, who suspected she had a heroin overdose at the Peninsula Hotel.

Police arrived with paramedics after hotel security officials called 911 following a call from Love to the front desk complaining about an allergic reaction to a prescription drug--not a heroin overdose as initially was reported.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Lisa Hart said an emergency room doctor and a police drug recognition expert determined April 7 that Love was not under the influence of a narcotic.

Hart said there was insufficient evidence to show unlawful possession of the seven hypodermic syringes found in Love's room because the singer provided prescriptions valid at the time of her arrest permitting ownership of them. The syringes were prescribed for injecting Buprenex, a pain medication the singer had been taking since January for back problems.

The property initially described as stolen was a prescription pad left in her hotel room by a psychiatrist treating the singer. No illegal drugs were found in the room, the prosecutor said. Sources close to the musician said the packet of white powder confiscated by police turned out to be zibhuti ash--a Hindu recovery talisman given to Love by friends.

"I hope the irresponsible loose cannons in the media who printed false and distorted versions of events when Courtney Love was first arrested learn something from this," said Tarlow, a prominent criminal attorney. "In this country, because someone is arrested or accused does not mean they committed the crime."

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