Pitch Might Have Broken Bonds’ Right Arm : Baseball: San Francisco star is hit by Mets’ Hillman, and Giants aren’t happy about it.

From Newsday

The San Francisco Giants left Shea Stadium on Wednesday concerned and upset about a pitch from New York’s Eric Hillman that left Barry Bonds’ right arm in a sling.

Bonds, generally considered the best player in baseball, might have suffered a broken arm when he was hit by a pitch just above the elbow in the third inning. He left in the fourth for X-rays that were inconclusive, and will undergo a bone scan today in San Francisco.

The Dodgers face the Giants in the first game of a four-game series tonight at Candlestick Park.

Bonds had hit a two-run homer in the first inning and came up in the third after Robby Thompson’s homer gave the Giants a 3-1 lead. Hillman drilled Bonds with a 1-and-1 pitch and was warned by second base umpire Paul Runge, with plate umpire Tom Hallion also at the mound. Met Manager Dallas Green went out to question the warning.


But Giant Manager Dusty Baker was unhappy about the pitch, as well as what it might mean for his club.

“I don’t like it. Nobody likes it,” Baker said, after the Giants’ 7-4 loss. “It looked kind of obvious, especially after Barry hit a home run, Robby hit a home run and Barry’s up next.”

Hillman, who had trouble with command in four spotty innings, said: “I wasn’t trying to hit him. Here’s a guy making $7 million a year, so I’ve got to establish the inside of the plate.”

On his way to the team bus for a flight home, Bonds talked briefly with Bobby Bonilla, his former teammate and close friend. Asked about Bonds’ mood, Bonilla said: “Anytime you leave a baseball game with your arm in a sling, you’re not going to be happy.”