Quake Preparedness Program Launched

Neighbor-Helping-Neighbor, a citywide earthquake survival program, has been launched by the city of Los Angeles and the Governor's Office of Emergency Services.

The neighborhood program is a self-help, community-based earthquake preparedness plan which shows neighbors how to pool their efforts in a major earthquake. The Neighbor-Helping-Neighbor program suggests that communities hold gatherings before a quake hits and assign committees to be responsible for search and rescue, first aid and supplies.

"The program is designed so that neighbors can plan and prepare to survive a disaster together," said Councilman Hal Bernson, chairman of the City Council's Ad Hoc Committee on Earthquake Recovery.

Bernson put together the program after he saw how neighbors came to each other's aid after the Northridge earthquake.

For more information, call (818) 886-5210.

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