AND ONE MORE THING: If you plan...

AND ONE MORE THING: If you plan to see the Rollins Band in concert this summer, don't expect to hear any songs from "The End of Silence" or any of the band's other old albums.

Leader Henry Rollins, who has been a striking underground presence since joining Black Flag in the early '80s, says the plan is for the band to play only new songs, including those featured in the just-released "Weight" album. The group, which is now touring Europe, will play at a KROQ-sponsored concert on June 11 at Irvine Meadows before starting its U.S. tour in July.

But Rollins isn't swearing off his old songs as David Bowie did a few years back.

"With a new member in the band (bassist Melvin Gibbs), they felt the thing to do was to look forward and play the songs they'd written for the new record," said Rollins Band manager Richard Bishop. "But that's not to say they won't play old material in the future."*

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