Divorced Dads Aren't Getting a Fair Shake

Once again, The Times prints another tired, one-sided article about "deadbeat dads" ("If Support Isn't Paid, Kids Feel the Effects," April 21). In three full columns, there is one small paragraph giving the other side.

More than 90% of all custody awards go to the mothers just because they are women and don't work. The district attorney's office prosecutes fathers for any non-payment of child support, no matter how small, but refuses to enforce violations of visitation orders, no matter how atrocious.

If mothers were forced to work and pay child support as often as fathers, if fathers were given custody as often as mothers, if visitation was enforced as rigidly as support, perhaps the system would be perceived as fair.

Perhaps then, kids would get all they deserve: two parents who share equally in custody and support.


Studio City

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