Laguna Isn't Just a Mecca for Gays

* In response to "Festival of Pride" (May 1): I just want to let you know that Laguna Beach is not just a "mecca for gays." Maybe I don't fully understand the point of this article, but I am truly appalled by its content.

Believe it or not, Laguna Beach is a great place to live, even if you are not gay.

We have an excellent school district, police force, one of the lowest crime rates in Orange County, and many heterosexuals who raise families here because of the desirable positive aspects of our community.

Most of us in the community live side by side in harmony with our gay neighbors, and pretty much believe the phrase "live and let live," but we don't need you to be scaring away our heterosexual tourism trade with quotes like "promote this artists' enclave as a fashionable resort town for gays and lesbians."


Laguna Beach

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