HUNTINGTON BEACH : Shop Robbed After Two Are Kidnaped

A pair of armed men followed two employees as they left a sandwich shop, kidnaped them and forced them back to the shop to open the safe, police said Monday.

The robbery occurred at 11 p.m. Sunday at the Subway Sandwich Shop in the 19100 block of Beach Boulevard. The two 19-year-old women left in the same car, and when they got out at a home nearby, two men confronted them, Sgt. Mike Willett said. The men forced them to drive back to the shop and to open the safe. When the women did not have the combination, the gunmen had them use a ruse to get the shop's owner to return to the shop.

She arrived, opened the safe and gave the robbers the night's receipts.

The men left the three women locked in a back room, but after a short time they were able to get out and call police, Lt. Charles R. Poe said.

The men fled in the owner's car, which was found abandoned near Lombardy Lane and Bayonne Drive.

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