Parks: Nature Vs. Art in Santa Monica

The founding fathers and mothers of the city of Santa Monica were the owners of vast amounts of unspoiled land, and in their wisdom and generosity, they donated unspoiled land to the city so citizens can enjoy the natural beauty of this fantastic land they called Santa Monica.

Now, great minds have decided that nature needs improvemen. How?

By cluttering our Palisades Park with silly statues; by obstructing the view of the horizon with impediments such as a 14-foot statue of a leader of another country, and by spending the taxpayers’ money on singing chairs or rollers which print on sand.

How sad that these empty minds have no culture or understanding of natural beauty. I, for one, am offended by the so-called “works of art.” Moreover, I am forced to accept this junk as artwork. Sorry, junk is just that: junk!



Santa Monica