How much do new college graduates earn? The College Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University reports that starting salaries for new graduates include chemical engineering, $40,341; mechanical engineering, $34,979; computer science, $32,446; nursing, $29,868; marketing-sales, $24,607; education, $22,685; journalism, $20,587.

Inside Look

A year of effort by youths from Irvine has come together in an installation at Irvine Fine Arts Center, on display through May 22.

Teens were given cameras and asked to capture the environment they live in. They met with artist Danielle Michaelis during that time to discuss community and personal issues as the work progressed.

The installation displaying their work is the re-creation if a teen-ager's bedroom, with photographs, essays and dialogue. The work is designed to offer a different perspective on teens and their encounters in the community and to serve as a catalyst for discussion.

The work can be viewed Monday from noon to 9 p.m.; Tuesday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday to 4 p.m.; Saturday to 3 p.m., and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. The center, 14321 Yale Ave., is in Irvine's Heritage Park at the corner of Walnut and Yale avenues. Call (714) 552-1018.


Summer is fast approaching. If you're not sure just how you're going to spend your time, perhaps you can find some inspiration from a list of ideas (originally recommended for spring break) printed in the Smoke Signals, the student newspaper at Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills.

On the list:

Learn all the characters on "General Hospital." Knit a sweater for your dog. Actually read an entire book. Watch "Mighty Power Rangers" every single day. Camp out in your back yard. Make zoo animals out of paper clips. Fold this newspaper into a paper hat and wear it all day. Learn how to play the kazoo. Or (this one's sure to take you far) stay in bed until 2 in the afternoon and then watch TV rest the day.

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