Ruth Hiatt; Comedian Got Start in Silent Films

Ruth Hiatt, 88, silent film comedian who performed with the Three Stooges and the Marx Brothers. Born Ruth Redfern in Cripple Creek, Colo., Miss Hiatt moved to San Diego with her family as a child and began acting with the Lubin Company of Coronado. She made her film debut at age 11 and worked in Mack Sennett and Lloyd Hamilton comedies. Growing into adult roles, she was one of 15 ingenues selected by studios for recognition as a "Wampas Baby Star" in 1924. Miss Hiatt performed with the Marx Brothers in the classic satire "Duck Soup" and worked with the Three Stooges in their Columbia comedy shorts, including the 1933 "Men in Black." She also appeared in several full-length films including "His First Flame" in 1927, "Her Man" in 1930 and "Sunset Trail" in 1932. Her final film was "Double Trouble" in 1941. Miss Hiatt, who married three times, owned a professional makeup business. On April 21 in Montrose of congestive heart failure.

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