ECHO PARK : New Plan for Hillside Project Considered


A group of residents fighting to preserve a scenic Echo Park hillside has agreed to study a West Los Angeles developer’s offer to scale back a housing project proposed on the 1 1/2-acre lot.

“It could be positive,” said Susan Borden, member of a committee organized to protect Kite Hill at 1450 Avon Place. “I’ll have to wait and see.”

The agreement to do a study was reached Wednesday just as the Los Angeles City Council was scheduled to vote on a planning and land use committee’s recommendation to allow four duplexes on the 64,000-square-foot property.


Residents had favored only three duplexes or five single-family homes.

Council members unanimously approved postponing the vote until June 21, pending review of the compromise plan from the developer, Mark Kaufman, general partner of Avon Terrace Homes Ltd.

Kaufman, who purchased the land in 1991, now wants to build six houses covering 30,000 square feet--scaling back his original proposal of seven houses across 45,000 square feet, said his attorney, Benjamin M. Reznik.

Part of the parcel would be donated to the city or a land conservancy for recreational use.