Baseball Lingo

ant-killer: n . a hit pounded down into the dirt in front of home plate.

gas: n . a good fastball. “He got him out on the high gas. " Syns. heat, smoke, cheese, hummer.

ding dong: term yelled from the dugout when catcher takes a foul tip off the cup.

dragging a piano: v. when a runner is moving slowly.

dust: v . to knock a batter down with a pitch.

55-foot-curve: n . a breaking ball that bounces before reaching the plate.

in the black: the lateral edges of the plate, where good pitchers try to keep the ball. “Hershiser never gives you anything right down the middle; he’s always in the black.

kissed: v. hit exceptionally hard. “That ball was kissed. " Syn. tattooed.

stick a fork in him: said of pitcher who has had it for the day. “Well, I guess we can stick a fork in him ; he’s done.”

wounded duck: n . a sick-looking blooper that drops in for a base hit. Syn. Texas leaguer.