Tax Revenue: Lessons in Fiscal Responsibility

Your recent article, "The year of the dollar," does well to point out how the city governments want additional monies and how the voters expect a lot of services. Where the problem arises is what is done with the additional monies.

Case in point is Rancho Palos Verdes. They imposed a utility tax to pay for road repairs and then proceeded to waste the revenues on unnecessary personnel as part of an internal empire building.

Now, two of these (people), Mayor Steven Kuykendall and Councilwoman Susan Brooks, want our support to go on to other elected positions. Judging from what they have done at R.P.V., I would think they need to remain where they are until they learn fiscal responsibility. They have cost the people of R.P.V. a lot of money and should be kept there and not be allowed to go on.


Rolling Hills Estates

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