SOUTH GATE : City Offices to Open on Fridays Again

The City Council has approved a new, temporary schedule at City Hall that will have city offices open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. every weekday.

As in other Southeast L.A. County cities, South Gate government offices have been closed on Fridays during the past year to reduce employee commutes and meet Air Quality Management District standards.

"Most employees prefer the four-day workweek, and when I was campaigning I heard very few complaints about it from residents," said Councilwoman Mary Ann Buckles, who cast the lone dissenting vote May 10.

A five-day week would could mean a reduction in customer service because City Hall employees would stagger their work schedules, she said.

For the next three months, staff may choose to come to work five eight-hour days or take Monday or Friday off.

The council will evaluate public demand for service and then negotiate new hours with the employee unions, officials said.

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