Straight Time (Bravo Sunday at 5 and...

Straight Time (Bravo Sunday at 5 and 11:30 p.m.; Friday at 6 and 11 p.m.), a 1978 release, is an engrossing and unsentimental social document with rare insights into the habitual criminal and the system that makes him inevitable. High marks except for its conventional ending. With Dustin Hoffman, Harry Dean Stanton, Gary Busey and M. Emmet Walsh.

Lies My Father Told Me (Bravo Sunday at 8 p.m., Monday at 3 p.m.) is actor-writer Ted Allan's bittersweet memoir of growing up Jewish in Montreal's immigrant neighborhood of the 1920s. It was was brought to the screen in 1975 with much humor by Czech director Jan Kadar ("The Shop on Main Street"). Essentially, the warm 1975 film is the story of a loving relationship between a small boy (Jeffrey Lynas) and his adored grandfather (Yossi Yadin).

West Side Story (Showtime Monday at 5:25 p.m.) is the dynamic Robert Wise-Jerome Robbins 1961 screen adaptation of the Robbins-Bernstein-Laurents-Sondheim musical. It's a modern "Romeo and Juliet" set in the world of Puerto Rican street gangs in New York.

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