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Amdahl Announces Two New Computers: The company says the new machines will make it cheaper and easier for businesses to handle huge volumes of information. Amdahl Corp. expects to ship two massive parallel-processing database servers by the end of June. The Xplorer 2000 machines are the first products of Amdahl's recently announced alliance with Oracle Corp., nCUBE and Information Builders. The new computers, which can work with both networks and IBM mainframes, give users quick access to large banks of data such as customer lists. Amdahl's new computers combine parallel processing hardware from nCUBE with database software from Oracle. The Xplorer 2000 Model 50 has 32 to 64 processors and 10 to 80 gigabytes of disk storage and will retail for about $960,000, including software and services. The Model 100 has 64 to 512 processors and 48 to 1,176 gigabytes of storage and will sell for $1.83 million.

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