BASEBALL DAILY REPORT : DODGERS : DeShields Simply Went With Instincts

After making three exceptional fielding plays during Monday night's game, all Delino DeShields could remember Tuesday was the one he blew in the sixth inning, when he went to his left to field a ball and threw it away trying to turn a double play. It wasn't a routine double play, but DeShields says things he does in the field aren't always routine.

"I tried to be a hero, so I got burned," said DeShields, who cost the Dodgers a run. "Sometimes, it will be like that. I guess I think that with the ability that God gave me, it enables me to do things that the next man might not be able to. Being up by one run, I wouldn't have tried it if it were later in the game. But last night, I was feeling pretty good out there, and I just did what comes naturally."


DeShields said he took rookie Garey Ingram shopping on the recent trip and bought him some clothes. "He didn't have anything he could wear on the road, just like me when I showed up in jeans, and we can't wear those on the road. He came with a bagful of jeans, so I bought him some stuff just like Oil Can Boyd and Tim Raines did for me when I came up. They didn't like the way I dressed, like in construction boots and jeans. They said, 'This is the big leagues, man.' "

With Dave Hansen about ready to come off the disabled list, Ingram, who was called up from double-A San Antonio, is expected to be sent down soon.

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