Emmy’s Eye Is on CBS, With 17 Daytime Awards : Television: In the 21st annual presentation, ‘Sesame Street’ takes 7 honors and Winfrey is once again voted best talk-show host.

from Times Wire Services

Oprah Winfrey had the golden touch at the Daytime Emmy Awards this year, winning two of her own and then presenting the award for best drama series to ABC’s “All My Children.”

“This is getting to be nice,” Winfrey said Wednesday night as she accepted her fourth consecutive award for outstanding talk-show host. Her popular program also was named best talk show.

Soap opera queen Susan Lucci, famous for losing Emmy Awards, played hostess at the 21st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, televised on ABC. Lucci, who has played Erica Kane on “All My Children” for 23 years, has lost the award 14 times and was not nominated this year.

The best soap opera actress honor went to Hillary B. Smith for her portrayal of Nora Gannon on ABC’s “One Life to Live.” Two of her fellow cast members also won: Susan Haskell (who plays Marty Saybrooke) was named best supporting actress, and Roger Howarth (Todd Manning) was selected best younger actor.


Michael Zaslow, who plays Roger Thorpe on CBS’ “Guiding Light,” won as lead actor, and Justin Deas, also of “Guiding Light,” as best supporting actor for his portrayal of Buzz Cooper.

ABC picked up the most awards Wednesday night, but counting the Emmys that had been handed out earlier in non-televised ceremonies, CBS was the big winner overall, capturing 17 statuettes. PBS was next with 12, followed by ABC and syndicated programs with nine each, and NBC with three. Fox, the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon got two apiece, and HBO and Lifetime each got one.

“Sesame Street” was named best children’s series and also picked up six other awards, making it the most-honored program of this year’s Emmys. “Guiding Light” and CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful” garnered five each, and “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “One Life to Live” each got four.

Winners were determined by peer panels of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The awards were for programs broadcast in the period from Feb. 6, 1993 to Feb. 5, 1994.


Here is a complete list of Daytime Emmy winners, including those announced in non-televised ceremonies last weekend:

Drama series: “All My Children,” ABC.

Talk show: “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” syndicated.

Game show: “Jeopardy!,” syndicated.

Children’s series: “Sesame Street,” PBS.

Animated children’s program: “Rugrats,” Nickelodeon.

Children’s special: “Dead Drunk: The Kevin Tunell Story,” HBO.

Service show: “This Old House,” PBS.


Special-class program: “Macy’s 67th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade,” NBC.

Lead actor, drama series: Michael Zaslow (Roger Thorpe), “Guiding Light,” CBS.

Lead actress, drama series: Hillary B. Smith (Nora Gannon), “One Life to Live,” ABC.

Supporting actor, drama series: Justin Deas (Buzz Cooper), “Guiding Light,” CBS.

Supporting actress, drama series: Susan Haskell (Marty Saybrooke), “One Life to Live,” ABC.

Younger actor, drama series: Roger Howarth (Todd Manning), “One Life to Live,” ABC.

Younger actress, drama series: Melissa Hayden (Bridget Reardon), “Guiding Light,” CBS.

Performer, children’s series: Shari Lewis, “Lamb Chop’s Play-Along,” PBS.


Performer, children’s special: Justin Whalin, “CBS Schoolbreak Special: Other Mothers,” CBS.

Talk show host: Oprah Winfrey, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” syndicated.

Game show host: Bob Barker, “The Price Is Right,” CBS.

Service show host: T. Berry Brazelton, “What Every Baby Knows,” Lifetime.

Writing team, drama series: Michael Malone, Josh Griffith, Jean Passanante, Susan Bedsow-Horgan, Chris Whitesell, Becky Cole, David Colson, Lloyd Gold, David Smilow, “One Life to Live,” ABC.

Writing, children’s series: Daryl Busby, Tom J. Astle, “Adventures in Wonderland,” Disney Channel; Norman Stiles, Lou Berger, Molly Boylan, Sara Compton, Judy Freudberg, Tony Geiss, Ian Ellis James, Emily P. Kingsley, David Korr, Sonia Manzano, Joey Mazzarino, Nancy Sans, Louis Santeiro, Josh Selig, Jon Stone, Cathi R. Turow, Belinda Ward, John Weidman, “Sesame Street,” PBS.

Writing, animated program: Ray Bradbury, “Halloween Tree,” syndicated.

Writing, children’s special: Amy Dunkleberger, “CBS Schoolbreak Special: Other Mothers,” CBS.

Writing, special class: Terrence McDonnell, Steven Dorfman, Kathy Easterling, Debbie Griffin, Frederik Pohl IV, Steve D. Tamerius, “Jeopardy!,” syndicated.

Directing team, drama series: Bruce Barry, JoAnne Sedwick, Irene Pace, Brian Mertes, John O’Connell, Matthew Lagle, Scott Riggs, Lisa Connor, “Guiding Light,” CBS.

Directing, game/audience participation show: Bob Levy, “American Gladiators,” syndicated.

Directing, talk show: Peter Kimball, Joey Ford, Duke Struck, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” syndicated.

Directing, service show: Russell Morash, “This Old House,” PBS.

Directing, special class: Bob McKinnon, “Good Morning America,” ABC.

Directing, children’s series: Ed Wiseman, Mark Mannucci, “Reading Rainbow,” PBS.

Directing, children’s special: Hank Saroyan, “ABC Weekend Special: William Saroyan’s The Parsley Garden,” ABC.

Music direction and composition: Richard Stone, Steve Bernstein, “Animaniacs,” Fox.

Music direction and composition, drama series: Barbara Miller-Gidaly, A.J. Gundell, John Henry, Wes Boatman, Michael Licari, Dominic Messinger, Larry Hold, Richard Hazard, Barry Devorzon, “Guiding Light,” CBS.

Original song: Richard Stone, Tom Ruegger, “Animaniacs (Main Title Theme),” “Animaniacs,” Fox.

Hairstyling: Andre Walker, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” syndicated.

Hairstyling, drama series: Annette Bianco, Stanley Steve Hall, Joyce Sica, “Another World,” NBC.

Makeup: Ron Wild, Karen Stephens, “Adventures in Wonderland,” Disney Channel.

Makeup, drama series: Eva Polywka, Gloria Grant, Diane Ford, “As the World Turns,” CBS.

Costume design: Fred Buchholz, Ed Christie, Bill Kellard, Rollin Krewson, Laurent Linn, Peter MacKennan, Connie Peterson, Terry Roberson, Stephen Rotondaro, Mark Ruffin, Carlo Yannuzzi, Mark Zeszotek, “Sesame Street,” PBS.

Costume design, drama series: Charles Schoonmaker, Margarita Delgado, “Another World,” NBC.

Graphics and title design: Iraj Paran, Tom Wogatzke, James Hickey, “The Addams Family,” ABC; Billy Pittard, Suzanne Kiley, Dale Everett, “The Ricki Lake Show,” syndicated.

Art direction/set decoration/scenic design: Victor Di Napoli, Mike Pantuso, Pete Ortiz, Bob Phillips, Nat Mongioi, Michael J. Kelley, “Sesame Street,” PBS.

Art direction/set decoration/scenic design, drama series: Sy Tomashoff, Jack Forrestel, Richard Harvey, Elsa Zamparelli, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” CBS.

Multiple camera editing: Robert J. Emerick, Evamarie Keller, John Tierney, “Sesame Street,” PBS.

Multiple camera editing, drama series: Jim Jewell, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” CBS.

Single camera editing: David Greenwald, “ABC Afterschool Special: Girlfriend,” ABC.

Live and tape sound mixing and sound effects: Bob Manahan, Tim Harsh, Alan Porzio, Andrew Sommers, “Beakman’s World,” CBS.

Live and tape sound mixing and sound effects, drama series: Clyde Kaplan, Jeff Smith, Steve Wacker, Neal Weinstein, Bob Maryon, Jerry Martz, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” CBS.

Film sound editing: Michael A. Gollom, Timothy J. Borquez, Michael Geisler, Tom Jeager, Gregory LaPlante, Kenneth Young, William B. Griggs, Timothy Mertens, Patrick Foley, “Rocko’s Modern Life,” Nickelodeon.

Film sound mixing: Ross Davis, John Anderson, Don Summer, “CBS Schoolbreak Special: Other Mothers,” CBS.

Lighting direction: Bill Berner, “Sesame Street,” PBS.

Lighting direction, drama series: Lauri Moorman, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” CBS; William Roberts, Ray Thompson, “The Young and the Restless,” CBS.

Single camera photography: Randy Drummond, “Reading Rainbow,” PBS.

Technical direction/electronic camera/video control: Ralph Mensch, Frank Biondo, David Driscoll, Dick Sens, “Sesame Street,” PBS.

Technical direction/electronic camera/video control, drama series: Chuck Guzzi, Donna Stock, Gordon T. Sweeney, David G. Navarette, Ted L. Morales, Joel Binger, Jim Velarde, Scha Jani, Roberto Bosio, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” CBS.

Lifetime achievement: Dick Clark.