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Here are some facts and figures about politics in California:

* PARTICIPATION: In the Nov. 2, 1993 general election, only 31.6% of Los Angeles County voters went to the polls at 3,786 precincts. Alpine County, the state's smallest with only five precincts, had a voter turnout of 55.1%

* ABSENTEES: Absentee balloting jumped from 6.3% of statewide voters in 1980 to 21.8% in 1993.

Keeping the Status Quo

Here are the percentages of state Assembly and Senate incumbents who won in recent California primary elections:

PERCENT June, 1992 94.4% June, 1990 100 % June, 1988 100 % June, 1986 100 % June, 1984 98.9% June, 1982 98.6% June, 1980 97.6%

* PARTIES: There are six qualified political parties in California: Democratic, Republican, American Independent, Green, Libertarian and Peace and Freedom. There are several non-qualified political bodies with registered voters such as the Humanist Party, the Pragmatic Party and the Rock and Roll Party.

* OTHER VOICES: Among the non-qualified parties: the Environmentalist Party registered 73 voters statewide, with 12 in Los Angeles County; the Puritan Party had 66 voters statewide, five of them in Los Angeles County, and the Rock and Roll Party, with 52 voters statewide, had 11 members in the county in April.

Breaking Down the Parties

Here is a look at the registration figures for the various political parties in California as of April.

STATEWIDE Eligible 18,946,358 Registered 14,078,882 Democrats 6,889,009 Republicans 5,223,224 American Independent 236,285 Green 85,543 Libertarian 66,632 Peace and Freedom 66,255

Researched by NONA YATES / Los Angeles Times

Source: California Secretary of State

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