HOT DOG ALERT: A USC epidemiologist warns...

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HOT DOG ALERT: A USC epidemiologist warns that children who eat more than 12 hot dogs per month have nine times the normal risk of developing childhood leukemia. (A1) . . . But Mariam Khemani, an assistant manager at Wienerschnitzel in Northridge, isn’t too worried. “I don’t eat too many hot dogs,” she said. “And I don’t feed my kids too many hot dogs.” Anyone ready for a Dodger Zucchini?

VALENS PARK? The City Council today will consider a proposal to rename Paxton Park in Pacoima “Ritchie Valens Park.” . . . It would be in memory of Richard Steven Valenzuela, the guitar player who left a working-class Pacoima neighborhood and became a music legend. He died in a 1959 plane crash at age 17.

BEAM US UP: Valleyites are plunging into the nether world of science fiction, taking advantage of authors, fan clubs, specialty shops and even a Valley-based sci-fi radio show. . . . Aric Johnson (above), 15, of Panorama City, was one of 75 Trekkers who gathered for the May 23 final episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” (Valley Life, page 10)


WOLF WEARY: That’s the way batters must feel when they stare out at the mound at El Camino Real High pitcher Randy Wolf, who has allowed only one run in four starts during postseason play the past two years (C12) . . . Wolf, who is available for relief work in today’s City Section 4-A Division semifinal against Kennedy, also has had to endure the loss of his biggest fan. His father, James, died of a heart attack April 18.

SMOG: Predictions of a Stage 1 smog alert didn’t pan out Thursday . . . Not a surprise to Joe Cassmassi, a senior meteorologist with the South Coast Air Quality Management District, who promises that our air is getting cleaner every year. Cassmassi predicts we’ll have 30 to 34 Stage 1 episodes this year. In 1980, Angelenos coughed their way through 100 Stage 1 days.


Randy Wolf’s father died on March 27, 1994, not April 18th as stated in this story.

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