Backing Challenger in Treasurer Race

* It is no surprise that the Los Angeles Times has endorsed liberal Democratic partisan activist Robert Citron for treasurer-tax collector. The Times always endorses the most liberal of candidates in any race. Likewise, the people of Orange County regularly reject the recommendations of The Times when they go to the polls.

Citron has never met a tax he didn't like, and neither has the editorial page of The Times.

Citron has repeatedly used his nonpartisan office for partisan political purpose. He has mailed hit pieces against Republican candidates and participated in dirty tricks such as the use of his tax collector envelope to trick voters into thinking what they are receiving is an official tax bill, only to find it is partisan Democratic campaign mail.

He has hosted Willie Brown in his home for a fund-raiser and given funds to support Dianne Feinstein and the Democratic Party.

Orange Countians believe in term limits. Citron now seeks his seventh term! Citron has not been challenged in 23 years. Four years ago, he said it was his last term. He plays with the truth the same way that he gambles with taxpayers' money in his Las Vegas-like high-risk investment strategy. Safety and liquidity be damned is Citron's attitude.

In contrast to Citron, who has been on the public payroll for over 33 years, Orange Countians have the opportunity to elect talented and able certified public accountant and certified financial planner John Moorlach from the private sector.

I know John Moorlach as he has served with ability and distinction as assistant treasurer of the Republican Party of Orange County and likewise as the chairman of our precinct committee. He is an accomplished business professional and a dedicated family man. He is a keen conservative thinker.

John Moorlach is just the kind of anti-tax, pro-term limits leader we need in Orange County government.


Lake Forest

Thomas A. Fuentes is the chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County.

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