Indictments--A Grand Congressional Tradition Since 1798


Rep. Dan Rostenkowski is certainly not the first. In fact, 89 members of the House and Senate have been indicted since our nation began.

MEMBER/ CHARGE/ DATE CHARGED * FINAL ACTION Carroll Hubbard Obstruction of justice (D-Ky) * Convicted, sentence 1994 pending Larry Smith Income tax and campaign (D-Fla.) reporting violations 1993 * Convicted, sentenced to 3 months in jail Albert Racketeering & accepting Bustamante illegal gratuity (D-Texas) * Convicted 1993 Nick Mavroules Bribery, tax evision, (D-Mass.) influence peddling 1992 * Pleaded guilty, serving 15-month jail sentence Joseph McDade Accepting illegal gratuities (R-Pa.) * Pending 1992 Floyd H. Flake Conspiracy, fraud and tax (D-N.Y.) evasion for allegedly di- verting $141,000, including federal housing funds, from projects run by the church where he served as pastor. * Trial opened 3/11/91 Charges dropped 1991 Donald E. ‘Buz’ Contributing to unruliness Lukens (R-Ohio) & delinquency of a minor 2/23/89 by having sex with a 16-year-old girl * Convicted 5/26/89 Jailed for 9 days Robert Garcia Influence-peddling (D-N.Y.) bribery, extortion, 11-21-88 conspiracy (WEDTECH) * Convicted 10/10/89 Conviction overturned on appeal 6/29/90 Pat Swindall Perjury (R-Ga.) * Convicted on nine counts, 10/17/88 6/20/89. Sentenced to 1 year Fofo I.F. Sunia Conspiracy to defraud (D-Amer. Somoa) the gov’t by payroll 7/27/88 padding * Pleaded guilty 8/4/88 Harold E. Ford Bank fraud, mail fraud, (D-Tenn.) tax fraud 4/24/87 * Jury deadlocked, 1990. Acquited, 1993. Mario Biaggi Obstructing justice, accepting (D-N.Y.) illegal gratuity. Racketeering, 3/16/87 tax evasion, perjury, conspiracy, extortion, obstructing justice, accepting bribes (WEDTECH) * Convicted 9/22/87 Jailed for 26 months. Henry B. Gonzales Assault (D-Texas) * Charges dropped 12/4/86 Bobbi Fiedler Violating state election (R-Calif.) code by offering a can- 1/24/86 didate money to leave race * Dismissed 2/26/86 Sen. Bob Kasten D.U.I. (R-Wis.) * Charges dropped 12/12/85 4/11/86 (arrest date) Mandatory George Hansen Filing false financial (R-Idaho) disclosure statements 4/7/83 * Convicted 4/2/84 Sentenced to 15 months, 6/15/84 James A. Bribery Traficant Jr. (D-Ohio) * Acquitted Ike Andrews D.W.I. (D-N.C.) * Pleaded guilty 10-82 Jon C. Hinson Committing sodomy (R-Miss.) * Pleaded no 2-4-81 contest to reduced charge Charles J. Accepting illegal Carney gratuity 11-12-80 * Dismissed 11/23/81 Sen. Harrison Conspiracy to defraud A. ‘Pete’ gov’t, bribery, receiving Williams Jr. unlawful gratuity & (D-N.J.) illegal compensation, 10/30/80 inter-state travel to commit bribery & aid racketeering (ABSCAM) * Convicted 5/1/81 Robert E. Bauman Soliciting sex from a minor (R-Md.) * Charges dropped 3/31/81 10/3/80 Richard Kelly Bribery, conspiracy, (R-Fla.) violating Travel Act 7/15/80 (ABSCAM) * Convicted 1/26/81 Acquitted 5/13/82 John M. Murphy Influence-peddling, accepting (D-N.Y.) outside money to perform 6/18/80 official duties, aiding racketeering receipt of unlawful gratuity, bribery (ABSCAM) * Convicted on most counts 12/3/80. Sentenced to 3 years Frank Thompson Jr. Influence-peddling, accepting D-N.J.) outside money to perform 6/18/80 official duties, aiding racketeering receipt of unlawful gratuity, bribery (ABSCAM) * Convicted 12/3/80 (several charges dismissed) Jailed for 13 months John W. Jenrette Jr. Bribery, conspiracy, (D-S.C.) violating Travel Act 7/15/80 (ABSCAM) * Convicted 10/7/80 Sentenced to 2 years Raymond R. Lederer Influence-peddling, (D-S.C.) bribery, conspiracy, 5/18/80 accepting illegal gratuity, aiding racketeering, (ABSCAM) * Convicted 1/9/81. Jailed for 1 year Claude Leach Buying votes; Violating (D-La.) fed. campaign finance laws 7/20/79 * Acquitted of vote-buying 11/1/79; Other charge ruled improper 12/20/80 Michael O. Myers Disorderly conduct 1-16-79 (D-Pa) Bribery, conspiracy 5-27-80 * Pleaded no contest 4/10/79 Convicted, 8/30/80; Sentenced to 3 years Nick Galifianakis Perjury (D-N.C.) * Charges dismissed 8/3/79 4/10/79 Joshua Eilberg Illegally receiving (D-Pa.) compensation 10/24/78 * Pleaded guilty 2/24/79 Herbert Burke Intoxication, resisting (R-Fla.) resisting arrest, 5/27/78 influencing a witness * Pleaded guilty 9/26/78 Daniel J. Flood Perjury (9/5/78) (D-Pa.) Bribery, conspiracy 10/12/78 * Pleading guilty to mail fraud and tax evasion 6/12/80 Frank M. Clark Mail fraud, perjury, (D-Pa.) income tax evasion 9/5/78 * Pleaded guilty to mail fraud and tax evasion 6/12/79 Federick Richmond Soliciting sex for pay (D-N.Y.) * Charges dropped 5/3/78 4/6/78 Otto E. Passman Bribery, conspiracy income tax (D-La.) evasion 3/23/78 * Acquitted 4/1/79 Charles C. Mail fraud, perjury Diggs Jr. Sentenced to 3 years (D-Mich.) * Convicted 10/7/78 Richard T. Conspiracy to defraud the gov’t. Hanna * Pleaded guilty 3/17/78 (D-Calif.) Jailed for 18 months 10/14/77 Edward A. Bribery, conspiracy, influence Garmatz peddling (D-Md.) * Case abandoned by 8/1/77 Justice Dept. 1/9/78 Richard A. Receiving illegal campaign Tonry contributions, promising Federal (D-La.) patronage to contributors, 8/1/77 obstructing justice, conspiracy * Pleaded guilty 7/1/77 Jailed for 6 months James F. Hastings Operating a kickback scheme with (R-N.Y.) members of his congressional 9/21/76 staff, mail fraud, filing false vouchers * Convicted 12/17/76. Jailed for 14 months Frank J. Horton Reckless driving, D.W.I.,speeding * Pleaded guilty 8/31/76 Allan T. Howe Soliciting sex acts for pay (D-Utah) * Convicted 7/23/76 6/12/76 Upheld on appeal Henry J. Helstoski Bribery, conspiracy, obstructing (D-N.J.) justice, perjury 6/2/76 * Charges dismissed 9/22/79 & 2/27/80 James R. Jones Failing to report a cash campaign (D-Okla.) contribution (not formally * Pleaded guilty 1/29/76 indicted) Wendell Wyatt Violating campaign (R-Ore.) spending laws (not formally * Pleaded guilty 6/11/75 indicted) Andrew J. Hinshaw Soliciting a bribe, bribery, (R-Calif.) embezzlement, misappropriation of 5/6/75 public funds; Grand conspiracy * Convicted of bribery 1/26/76. Convicted of misappropriation of public funds & petty theft. Jailed George Hansen Violating campaign spending laws (R-Idaho) * Pleaded guilty 2/19/75 (not formally indicted) Sen. Edward Violating Fla. campaign finance J. Gurney law. (R-Fla.) Conspiracy, perjury, soliciting 1974 bribes * Indicted 7/10/74 Acquitted 10/27/76 Acquitted 8/6/75 & 10/27/76 Angelo D. Roncallo Extorting political contributions (R-N.Y.) * Acquitted 5/17/74 2/21/74 Frank J. Brasco Conspiracy to receive bribes (D-N.Y.) * Convicted 7/19/74 2/21/74 Jailed. Bertram L. Podell Conspiracy, bribery, perjury (D-N.Y.) * Pleaded guilty to 7/12/73 conspiracy & conflict of interest, Jailed J. Irving Mail fraud, obstruction of justice, Whalley payroll abuse, threatening (R-Pa.) federal witness 7/5/73 * Pleaded guilty 7/31/73 Cornelius Federal income tax evasion, Gallagher perjury, conspiracy (D-N.J.) * Pleaded guilty to tax evasion charge 12/21/72; Jailed 4/7/72 Martin B. Failure to file fed. McNeally income tax returns for four years. (R-N.Y.) * Pleaded guilty to one 12/16/70 year’s lapse 10/18/70 John V. Dowdy Conspiracy, conflict of interest, (D-Texas) perjury, obstructing justice, 3/31/70 facilitating bribery * Convicted 12/31/70 Sentenced to 18 mos. Hugh J. Addonizio Extortion, conspiracy, income (D-N.J.) tax evasion 12/18/69 * Convicted 7/22/70 Sentenced to 10 years. Sen. Daniel Soliciting and accepting bribes Brewster * Dismissed 10/9/70 (D-Md.) Dismissal reversed ’72 12/1/69 Convicted 11/17/72 Conviction reversed Pled no contest. Frank W. Boykin Conflict of interest, conspiracy (D-Ala.) to defraud government 10/16/62 suspended jail sent. * Convicted 6/13/63 Fined $40,000 plus Thomas F. Johnson Conflict of interest (D-Md.) conspiracy to defraud the gov’t. 10/16/62 * Convicted 6/13/63 Reversed 9/16/64 Convicted of conflict of interest 1/26/68 Adam Clayton Federal income tax evasion, Powell Jr. Criminal contempt of court for (D-N.Y.) avoiding payment of $160,000 5/8/58 defamation of character judgment and failing to appear in court for civil suit * Federal judge threw out 2 of 3 counts 4/22/60; trial on 3rd count ended in hung jury; judge denied motion for acquital; case dismissed. William J. Conspiracy to defraud the gov’t.; Green Jr. influence peddling (D-Pa.) * Acquitted 2/27/59 12/14/56 Thomas J. Lane Federal income tax evasion (D-Mass.) * Pleaded quilty 4/30 3/5/56 sentenced to 4 mos. prison & fined $10,000 released 9/4/56 Ernest K. Bramblett Making false statements about (R-Calif) congressional payroll 6/17/53 kickbacks * Convicted 2/9/54 fined $5000, sentence, 2-4 months (suspended) 6/15/55 John L. Violated law barring members McMillan of Congress from contracting (D-S.C.) with the government 1/14/53 * Acquitted 5/16/73 Theodore Leonard Misusing labor union funds for Irving 1948 campaign (D-Mo.) * Acquitted 12/28/51 6/8/51 Walter E. Brehm Accepting illegal campaign (R-Ohio) contributions 12/20/50 * Convicted 4/30/51 sentence 5-15 mos. (suspended) and fined $5,000 J. Parnell Conspiracy to defraud U.S. govt., Thomas payroll padding, receiving salary (R-N.J.) kickbacks 11/8/48 * Convicted 11/30/49 12/9/49 sentenced to 6-18 mos. Paroled 9/18/50. Pardoned 12/24/50 Andrew J. May Conspiracy to defraud U.S. (D-Ky.) gov’t, accepting bribes 1/23/47 * Convicted 7/3/49 served 9 mos of 8-24 mo. sentence. Paroled 9/18/50. Pardoned 12/24/50 James M. Mail fraud, conspiracy Curley (D-Mass.) * Voided 10/1/43. Convicted 1/18/46 1943-44 served 5 of 6-18 month sentence. Sentence commuted 11/26/47; pardoned 4/12/50 by Harry S. Truman B. Frank Whelchel Accepting money to obtain (D-Ga) appointive offices for certain 1940 constituents * Acquitted John H. Hoeppel Influence-peddling. (D-Calif.) sentenced to 4 mo-1 yr. Fined $1,000 1936 * Convicted 1936 George E. Foulkes Conspiracy to assess political (D-Mich.) contributions from postmasters 1934 * Convicted 1934-5, sentenced to 18 mos. fined $1,000 Harry E. Rowbottom Accepting bribes (R-Ind.) * Convicted 1931 sentenced to 1 year & 1931 1 day; paroled after 9 mos. Federick N. Bribery Zihlman * Acquitted (R-Md.) 12/10/29 Edward E. Denison Violating Prohibition by (R-Ill.) possessing alcohol 10/19/29 * Court sustained a demurrer to indictment 6/30/30 M. Alfred Violating Prohibition by Michaelson importing liquor (R-Ill.) * Acquitted 5/9/29 10/19/29 John W. Langley Violating Prohibition, influence- (R-Ky) peddling, conspiracy March, 1924 * Convicted 5/13/24 Conviction upheld 1/26/25 Sen. Burton Illegally receiving compensation K. Wheeler for services (D-Mont.) * Acquitted April, 1924 Sen. Truman H. Conspired to spend money to secure Newberry election to Senate (R-Mich.) * Convicted 3/20/20 11/29/19 sentenced to 2 yrs. fined $10,000 decision reversed 5/21/21 Victor L. Berger Violating Espionage Act (S-Wisc.) * Convicted Jan. 1919, sentenced to 20 yrs. Feb. 1918 conviction reversed by Supreme Court Sen. Joseph Representing a client in a R. Burton proceeding involving U.S. gov’t (R-Kan.) * Convicted 3/28/04 reversed 1/16/05 1/23/04 reindicted 7/3/05 reconvicted 11/26/05 Sen. John H. Conspiracy, bribery, Mitchell influence-peddling (R-Ore.) * Convicted July, 1905 6/22/05 Died while case was being appealed; 5/21/04 conviction upheld by Supreme Ct. John N. Conspiracy to defraud the gov’t; Williamson inducing others to commit perjury (R-Ore.) * Convicted 9/05 2/11/05 sentenced to fine and 10 mos; decision reversed in 1908 Binger Hermann Conspiracy to defraud U.S. of (R-Ore) public lands, destroying public 12/31/04 records * Dismissed Sen. Charles Bribery, conspiracy to defraud the H. Dietrich gov’t holding a gov’t contract (R-Neb.) while in elective offi:ce 12/28/03 * Acquitted and nolle prosequi 1/8/04 Robert Smalls Accepting a bribe (R-S.C.) * Convicted Oct. 1877 Philemon T. Manslaughter Herbert * Acquitted July, 1856 ( -Calif.) May, 1856 Sen. John Smith Treason, misdemeanor co- (D-Ohio) conspirator with Aaron Burr 1807 (?) against U.S. * Acquitted Matthew Lyon Violating Sedition Act (Ky.) * Convicted 1798, 1798 jailed; fine refunded to heirs 1840

From the Congressional Quarterly