Teamsters OK New Trucking Pact

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From Associated Press

Teamsters have approved a new national trucking contract by an 81% margin, union officials said Sunday.

The union reached tentative agreement with Trucking Management Inc. on April 28, ending a three-week strike.

It was presented for rank-and-file consideration without a formal recommendation from union leaders on whether it should be approved. The four-week mail balloting resulted in 67,784 votes being cast for the agreement and 15,729 against, the union said Sunday after counting the votes over the weekend.


“Our members have stopped the trucking companies from shifting good full-time jobs to low-paid part-time jobs,” said Teamsters President Ron Carey. “This overwhelming vote shows that our members are proud of what they’ve won for themselves, their communities and for future generations.”

Arthur H. Bunte Jr., president of the trucking company association that negotiated the agreement on behalf of 22 member companies, said he was “very pleased” with ratification.

“With the new contract in place, these carriers can now concentrate on regaining pre-strike business and attracting new customers,” Bunte said. “By allowing the carriers to improve customer service, the new contract will help build a more secure future for the companies and their employees.”

Among the provisions in the new four-year agreement is a $3.20-per-hour increase in wages and benefits over the life of the contract. Teamsters now earn an average of $17 an hour.