Slaying in Brentwood

The slayings of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman in Brentwood Sunday night have touched off an intense police investigation that has centered around the possible involvement of O.J. Simpson, the ex-husband of Nicole Simpson. Police have not officially identified Simpson as a suspect, but sources inside the department say he is under investigation.


Blood type: Samples of blood found at the crime scene match O.J. Simpson’s blood type, sources say. DNA tests to determine whether the blood is Simpson’s have not been completed.

Gloves found: Two matching work gloves--one at the crime scene and the other outside Simpson’s Brentwood mansion--reportedly were found by police. Both had blood on them. Tests have not been completed. Other forensic tests are under way.



O.J. Simpson’s home: His lawyer says the former football star was here when the slayings took place. Police have seized some belongings to test whether stains found are blood and if so, whose.

Mezzaluna restaurant: Goldman was a waiter at the Brentwood eatery where Nicole Simpson dined with nine others Sunday evening.

Nicole Simpson’s condominium: The bodies of both victims were found shortly after midnight outside the residence.

1. O.J. Simpson’s home

2. Mezzaluna restaurant

3. Nicole Simpson’s condominium




6 p.m.: O.J. Simpson and Nicole Simpson leave dance recital for their daughter in West Los Angeles.

6:30 p.m.: Nicole Simpson, her two children, and seven others eat out in Brentwood. One perosn leaves behind a pair of glasses.

9:45 p.m.: Goldman, a waiter at the restaurant and friend of Nicole Simpson, leaves restaurant to return glasses.


10-11 p.m.: Approximate time death of Nicole Simpson and Goldman. O.J. Simpson’s lawyer says he was at home when the attack took place. The exact time of death has not been released.

11:45 p.m.: O.J. Simpson takes American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Chicago.


12:10 a.m.: Bodies of Nicole Simpson and Goldman are found outside near condominium in Brentwood.


6:15 a.m. (CDT)*: O.J. Simpson checks into Chicago hotel, where he had made a reservation three days earlier.

8:30 a.m. (CDT)*: He checks out of the hotel and flies back to Los Angeles after being told by police that his ex-wife has been found dead.

11:08 a.m.: Simpson arrives in Los Angeles.

Noon: Simpson is taken from his home to police headquarters, where he is questioned.


4:30 p.m.: He leaves police station.


Morning: Police seize clothes and other belongings from Simpson’s home. They begin tests to determine whether stains in Simpson’s car and on various objects are blood and, if so, whose.

3 p.m.: Coroner’s office releases partial autopsy results, concluding that both victims died from stab wounds and “sharp force injuries.”


Evening: Simpson slips away to meet with his children, with whom he spends the night.


9 a.m.: Howard Weitzman, Simpson’s lawyer, announces that he will withdraw as the leading attorney in the case. Robert L. Shapiro takes over.



Funeral services are held for both victims.

* Chicago time