BY DESIGN : Hat's Not All, Folks


What guy doesn't have a favorite cap? It may be a major league-quality Angels cap, a white Nike or an overpriced black concert cap bought after too many brews during a performance of Megadeath.

Caps and hats go with just about anything, even when you're headed for a nice casual event held outdoors. But all caps are not equal. Lots of guys have been seen looking great except for the worn, wool cap that looks like they've had it since Little League.

"You can go with a dressier alternative if you want to cover your head," says Chris Lockwood of the Pendleton Sport Shop in Laguna Hills. "There's the stylish, classic sport cap that's available in cotton for summer. It's available in colors to complement your clothing, or even plaid."

If you can't go through life without a bill, there are some hot new baseball-style caps out there. Just make sure that it doesn't have the tacky plastic adjusting straps in back and that the bill is straight, not bent over.

Warning: The waif look is dead. How can you reach that conclusion? Just go to any local evening event and look at all the cleavage.

"It looks like the natural look is out," says Susan Shaw of Dancegear in Fashion Island Newport Beach. "Cleavage has always been popular, but it seems more so now."

Enhancing those curves without the help of silicone is the push-up bra, which has been reintroduced as the hot-selling "Wonder Bra." Take care when shopping for one of those cleavage inhancers. Too little a lift won't make much of a difference, while too much could give you a cartoonish, Jessica Rabbit-like look.

Guys and towels: Everybody loves new towels in the bathroom, but new towels don't always love men. The problem is simple: the man dries his face after shaving with a new towel and shows up at work with little terry nubs sticking to his neck.

"It doesn't matter how close you shave, those nubs catch," says fashion buyer Bill Rigioni of Huntington Beach. "Take a good look in the mirror before you leave the house."

The trait seems to be not just among cheap towels but expensive ones as well. Be sure to give new towels a good washing and, more importantly, a good shake when dry.

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